HTSD-1200 Intelligent Flashing Point-Online Analyzer (IFP-OA-Flash)

HTSD-1200 Intelligent Flashing Point-Online Analyzer (IFP-OA-Flash)

HTSD-1200 Intelligent Flashing Point-Online Analyzer (IFP-OA-Flash)

HTSD-1200 IFP-OA utilizes catalytic reaction and uniquely designed micro-reactor to detect sample’s flashing point rapidly.
The thermostatic system, flashing point signal capture system, and feedback control system are all implemented with high-performance programmable controller, using both component structure and modular structure.
Equipped with self-diagnosis function, IFP-OA-Flash uses a color LTD screen to display real-time parameters which also makes calibration easier. 
   Technical Parameters

  • Detection Range: 25~125. The testing method corresponds to the standard ASTM-D56 and GB/T261-2008

  • Constant Temperature Control VariationWithin ±0.1

  • Repeat Accuracy≤2

  • Power SupplyAC220V±5% 50Hz

  • Output SignalRS485/modbus Agreement or 4~20mADC

  • Sample Requirement: pressure<1MPa, temperature lower than flashing point’s temperature-30, no visible droplets, impurities and bubbles.

  • Cooling Media: regular water, temperature below 35, pressure>0.2MPa

  • Meter Wind: pressure>0.03MPa

  • Explosion-proof Grade: Exd II BT4, Exd II CT4

  • Protection Level: IP65

  • Dimensions: 954´500´1420mm

  • Installation Site: air-circulated indoors or analysis cabins

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