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About Us

Wuhan Huatiantongli Technology is a high technology company who devotes itself on the development, research, and production of oil quality online analyzers and industry process control systems in the petrochemical industry. Our company holds a strong workforce with experienced engineers, highly educated technicians, and cutting-edge research team. Working together, we have developed a series of online analyzers to better serve the industry. 
  Our core products are On-line Analyzer on Entire Distillation Range (EDR-OA), Intelligent Viscosity Online Analyzer (IV-OA), Intelligent Pour Point (IPP-OA), Enclosed Sample Recycle System (ESRS), Wireless Remote Monitoring System (WRMS). All our core products have reached international advanced levels. 
  To date, our analyzers are well-applied and well-received by SINOPEC(China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation), CNPC(China National Petroleum Corporation), CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Corporation), and etc. With our accurate real-time data feed, we provide analytical reference support for the realization of optimal marginal production, the improvement of light oil yields, the reduction in laboratory labor intensity, the optimization of DCS control system, and the economic benefits maximization for oil refineries.  
  In Huatiantongli, we take pride in our products and services. We are committed to better serving our community and industry. 

Main Products:
1 On-line Analyzer on Entire Distillation Range (EDR-OA)
Intelligent Saturated Vapor Pressure Online Analyzer (ISVP-OA)
Intelligent Pour Point (IPP-OA)
Intelligent Flashing Point Online Analyzer (IFP-OA-Flash)
Intelligent Viscosity Online Analyzer (IV-OA)
Intelligent Freezing Point (IFP-OA-Freeze)
Intelligent Cold Filter Plugging Point Online Analyzer (ICFPP-OA) 
2Oil Quality Analyzer (OQA), Pre-treatment System (OTS), Common Sample Recycle System (CSRS), Enclosed Sample Recycle System (ESRS), Integrated Analysis Cabin (IAC), Analyzer Set System (ASS), Wireless Remote Monitoring System (WRMS) and etc.
3All products are the intellectual properties of Wuhan Huatiantongli Tech. In on-site application, our products have reached international advanced levels.

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Address:No.19, Zhanweixincun, Daxueyuanlu, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province,China