HTZQY-1400 series Intelligent Saturated Vapor Pressure-Online Analyzer (ISVP-OA)

HTZQY-1400 series Intelligent Saturated Vapor Pressure-Online Analyzer (ISVP-OA)

Applicable for online analysis of saturated vapor pressure of light petroleum products.
Technical Parameters

  • Accuracy: in alignment with GB/T 8017-2012 "Petroleum ProductsDetermination of  Vapor Pressure-Reid Method " GB/T 8017-2012 measuring criteria

  • Repeatability±5%

  • Measuring Range: 0~150kPa

  • Output Signal: RS485/modbus Agreement or 4~20mADC

  • Analytical Cycle: 3 minutes

  • Explosion-proof Grade: Exd II BT4 or Exd II CT4

  • Protection Level: IP65

  • Dimensions: 894*500*1420mm

Working Conditions

  • Power Supply: AC220V±10%

  • Cool Water: room temperature, pressure>0.3MPa, no impurities

  • Instrument Air: dry meter wind, pressure>0.3MPa

  • Oil Sample: pressure 0.2~0.6MPa, no visible water droplets, no obvious mechanical impurities

  • Applicable Area: zone1, zone2

  • Installation Site: air-circulated indoors or analysis cabins

  • Ambient Temperature: -20~50

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