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Brief Introduction
The UNITY FORCE analysis automatic control technical Limited company is a professional company that devotes on the development, research and production of oil quality online analyzer and industry process control system in petrochemical industry. The company has dozens of medium-level engineers, senior engineers, masters and doctors engaged in the research and application of the analyzer as well as the control system. At the same time, a team with rich experience and technology in production and after-sale service field were employed. It is a new technology enterprise which has the ability of independent technology development and gathers the scientific research design and production. It established its own R&D center in Wuhan high-tech development zone, and has the close technical cooperation relationship with many domestic well-known universities, the petrochemical enterprises scientific & research colleges and institutes and the craft and quality control department. The online analyzers series and its core technologies which have the independent intellectual property rights are developed by the company. Its oil quality online analyzers are very popular in LAN Zhou petrochemical company, Shanghai petrochemical holdings limited, Shanghai Gaoqiao Refinery, Dalian Petrochemical Company, Xinjiang Karamay Petrochemical Company, Hunan Changling petrochemical company, Yanlian petroleum Group, Jinxi refinery chemical industry plant, Maoming Petrochemical Company and North China petrochemical company and so on. Many years site operational aspects indicated that the performances of the series online analyzers manufactured by our company are reliable. The low trouble rate in long-term movement and in-time after-sale service satisfy all customers. We create a powerful condition for the petrochemical enterprise in the marginal production of oil refining equipments, as well as realize the optimized control on the DCS advanced control system.
Our company is an integrity oriented one, which takes the national industry’s development as own duty, carries out the user supreme principle, absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology and experiences unceasingly, insists on innovations. We provide excellent products for the petrochemical enterprises.

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